Wipe Out Sweeper



We have an exciting new product called the Wipeout Sweeper or also known as Last Man Standing.

Ideal for any occasion and suitable for Adults and Children!

The ultimate in entertainment compete with your friends to stay upright for as long as possible on the Wipeout Machine!

Duck, dodge and jump before you are knocked over with the moving sweeper arm. Your guests will be in stitches at the thrills and spills and it is a guaranteed fun time for everyone at your party or event.

Reserve this super fun machine to add extra class and make your party that extra special!

20ft By 20ft Inflatable bed

Starts at £300 for 2 hours hire, £380 for 3 hours or £440 for 4 hours hire!

Due to demand there is a minimum hire time of 3 hours for the Wipe Out Sweeper on weekends!

Hurry before it sells out!


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