Batak Lite Reaction Game


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The batak challenge is a reaction game that will test your guests hand eye co-ordination, reactions, fitness and memory to the limit. The batak challenge is the new game that is taking corporate entertainment and exhibition entertainment to the next level.

Made from polished steel, there are twelve bright LED targets arranged in a maximum stretch configuration.These targets light up in a random fashion, with the aim of the batak player to strike the targets as soon as they illuminate.

Verbal instructions are issued by the machine, and times and scores are recorded on the LCD displays.

It is no surprise that Formula 1 drivers, such as Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have both been world record holders with scores in excess of 110. The Batak Challenge as seen on television shows: Body heat, Blue Peter and Record Breakers.

Dimensions – 114cm(w) x 95cm(d) x 180cm(h)

It’s best to allow a playing space of 1 metre in front of the machine.


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